Do Prionus Beetles Bite? Find Out Their Impact on Humans

Prionus beetles are large, destructive insects known for damaging various types of trees due to their feeding habits on tree roots during their larval stage. They mainly cause harm to pecan orchards, which can lead to a tree’s decline over time as their root system becomes weakened. However, the topic of whether Prionus beetles bite … Read more

Prionus Beetle: All You Need to Know – Quick Guide on Biology and Control

The Prionus Beetle, a large, robust reddish-brown insect, belongs to the family Cerambycidae and is known for its long, tiled antennae. Females are typically larger than males, while males possess larger antennal segments in comparison to their female counterparts. With several similar species found in New Mexico, this beetle is an interesting subject for entomology … Read more