Peach Tree Borer: Essential Guide to Prevention and Control

The Peach Tree Borer, scientifically known as Synanthedon exitiosa, is a notorious pest for peach and nectarine trees, as well as other stone fruits like apricot, cherry, and plum. This destructive insect is native to North America and has become a major concern for fruit growers in the region. The larvae of peach tree borers … Read more

Peach Tree Borer Symptoms: All You Need to Know – A Quick & Informative Guide

The peach tree borer is a destructive insect pest that primarily targets peach and nectarine trees, but can also affect apricot, cherry, and plum trees. This pest, scientifically known as Synanthedon exitiosa, can cause severe damage to the tree’s roots and crown area, impacting the overall health and fruit production of your stone fruit trees. … Read more