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halifax nova scotia inquiry
February 17, 2010
I sent you a pic and question the other day before these ones you have been answering? Must be out of your knowledge or something? I have better things to do than check back here daily to see you skipped me and answered everyone else inquiring after me. How do you guys operate at this site anyways? Favorites first?
Mad in canada
nova scotia

Granary Weevil

Dear Mad in canada,
We operate on a volunteer basis and we try to answer as many letters as possible, and we can’t imagine anyone having anything better to do than to visit our website multiple times each day.  We do not answer on a first come first served basis, and we randomly select from the numerous identification requests we receive daily to pick website content that we think will interest our readership.  Our time is also limited, and we are never able to respond to every request.  Though we have received much more vile letters that have earned their writers the Nasty Reader Award, your lack of patience and your presumptuosness have landed you spot number 7 on our list of Nasty Readers.  This is a Granary Weevil in the genus Sitiphilus which may be compared to images posted to BugGuide.  Use some of your free time now that you will not need to visit us any longer, and search your home for the site of infestation, which might be stored pet food or bird seed.

Thanks alot its about time. I personally run websites myself and you do see the people who are visiting and their ip where they are and how many times they been there. Dont blame your lack of proffesionalism on me.
As for infestation don’t you think it could be the indoor vegatation in my home? They were not anywhere near a kitchen. As for the nasty email I sent this morning I didn’t really think untill I read your disclaimer after it already went though. Now that you have helped a person in need with their home not just some random question thanks alot

Once more I would like to apoligize but your still wrong. It is not a granary weevil yes I agree it is a weevil but if you checked both pictures I sent you would see it does not have a snoutc

Here is a different picture where you can see the antanae are at the tip of the nose not halfway back

Root Weevil

Dear [no longer] Mad,
Thanks for the additional photo.  After posting three letters this morning, we must leave our home website office and go to work.  Weevils are the largest group of insects, and it may take time to correctly identify this species.  Our readership does post comments and you might want to consider checking back to see if someone has made an identification.  As far as our professionalism goes, we do not manage our own website, nor monitor its traffic.  Our web host does that.  All we do is post content and try to respond to our readership’s queries.

Dear Mr Marlos,
Thank you very much for your humble proffesionalism. I am sorry I was so upset >:[ These weeviles are turning me evil. I won’t be of bother to you anymore and will continue to check now and again to see if anyone else had clarified the identification. I am sure you all try the best you can and it is appreciated that you all do this volunteerly. One more time I extend my deepest apology. You do run a great website and I promise to never offend any of you again. Keep up the dedication to something you love and have a great day at work. Thank you very much
NoLongerMad ^^

Dear No Longer Mad,
Your gracious subsequent letters have redeemed you, and though we no longer consider you to be a Nasty Reader, we are keeping the tag as a document of ironing out differences.

Update from Eric Eaton
February 17, 2010
Well, I can tell you that it is definitely not a granary weevil.  If granary weevils ever get that big, we are all going to starve.  LOL!  This is probably one of the “root weevils” in the genus Otiorhynchus, maybe the black vine weevil, Otiorhynchus sulcatus, but I can’t be positive.
Root weevils are flightless, mostly nocturnal, and frequently invade homes while looking for mates and food.  I do not know if they overwinter as adults, but it certainly seems plausible.
Hope this helps you and the (former) “Nasty Reader.”  🙂

Update:  July 15, 2018
It is never too late to add an overlooked posting to the Nasty Reader Award tag.

Strange wasp
July 25, 2009
This painful creature was found at my ex-husbands house. It came down from the attic (comforting I know). It has, what looks like, three long stingers about three + inches long. It has yello on its head/antennas and very long back legs and black wings.
East Tennessee

Giant Ichneumon: Dead by human hands???

Giant Ichneumon: Dead by human hands???

Dear Samantha,
We are guessing this Giant Ichneumon, Megarhyssa atrata, came down from the attic alive and we are also guessing it is not asleep in this photograph.  We are going to make the leap that is was killed before the photograph was taken.  Giant Ichneumons, despite their frightening appearance, are perfectly harmless.  They are parasitic relatives of wasps and they are incapable of stinging.  What looks like a stinger is in reality the ovipositor of the female and she uses it to lay eggs in the tunnels of wood boring insects like the Pigeon Horntail and other Wood Wasps.  The newly hatched Giant Ichneumon larva then locates the larva of the Wood Wasp and begins to feed upon it.  Coincidentally, we also just received an image of a dead Wood Wasp which we will post next.
Since this Giant Ichneumon was killed unnecessarily, we will tag it as Unnecessary Carnage.

I do not appreciate your accusations. It was alive, I had to put it in a container at my ex-husbands house and bring it to mine. It did die on the way over, it was not killed. If I wanted to kill it it would be smooshed, I cannot spray pesticide as my infant is usually close by me. You have been very rude, I will know not to come to you again if I have another question about a bug.
Thanks for your time.

Dear Samantha,
It was not our intention to be rude, but to answer your question as to the identity of your insect, and to try to educate you and others out there about its harmlessness.  The fact that the death of the Giant Ichneumon was involuntary in no way changes that its death was unnecessary, though we are pleased to know that its demise was unintentional.  Insects may die if they are kept for long periods of time in tightly closed containers, and it is surprising how many times unintentional death by suffocation or heat exhaustion occurs, and we are not speaking about insects.  If it is your choice to no longer use this free service that we offer, and we promise we will not force you to visit our site for either educational or entertainment purposes, nor will we demand that you send us additional questions about insects and other arthropods.  In the future, should you have questions about creatures that might potentially harm your infant, you are free to pass over our website and search for your answers elsewhere on the world wide web, and we promise not to blame you for never writing us again.

What is THIS bug?
July 18, 2009
I killed this bug (sorry, I was afraid!) in my garage tonight and was so creeped out I’ve got the heebie-jeebies! I have no idea what it is, can you please tell me? It has large jaws and is appx 3/4 to one inch long.
Creeped out in Colorado
Foothills of the Rocky Mts. in Colorado Springs, Colorado

Solpugid dead from unknown causes

Solpugid dead from unknown causes

Dear Creeped Out,
This harmless Solpugid looks like its final moments were horrific.  Solpugids are fierce predators, but they have no venom and will not harm humans.  Cockroaches and other undesirable household intruders are common prey for this formidable hunter.

After we supplied Creeped Out with the above answer, Creeped Out had the wherewithal to submit the following tirade.  Seems Creeped Out didn’t read the release on our form which gives us the right to post images and letters to the website and to use them in other authorized What’s That Bug publications.  Nowhere in our response did we libel (slander is uttered aloud, and thankfully we have never spoken to her) Creeped Out’s reputation, and we stand by our statement that the final moments of the Solpugid’s life were horrific.  We are very happy we don’t live in Colorado Springs as we might run into Creeped Out and her nasty temper by getting some cosmetic dental work done (info we gleaned from her email address which we will withhold from publication).  Just imagine the horror and potential pain if she ever took her wrath out on someone’s teeth?  Read on and see just how nasty some readers can get after getting free information on the internet.

That was a ridiculous way you used my submission. I would have never given you permission to use my submission if I had known what a wack-job you were. Need you be so melodramatic about a bug (which by the way there are trillions of?!) You do not have my permission to use anymore information of mine including this email! I will be sure not to recommend your site to any of my friends for fear you will slander them too on the web. Sorry I even ASKED you for help.
Creeped out in Colorado

A Reader Comments
Nasty Reader
I just have to comment on creeped out’s nasty email. The entire point of this website and the reason why so many of us bug lovers are so grateful for it is to educate those who may not appreciate the insect kingdom for the amazing necessity it is. Those who are so inclined to “squish” first and ask questions later may think twice had they had known that the poor little Solpugid wouldn’t have even been in their garage if it weren’t for a food source… like COCKROACHES. Whether “There are trillions of them” or not it is just as easy to remove them without killing them or actually be thankful for how beneficial they are. I believe the correct spelling is “whacked out”…AND people in glass houses….
Andrea, Hollywood.

Creeped Out Comments
Request for revision: Web site says “after we supplied the reader with the above answer”. Please revise that in your notes since you NEVER supplied me with that explanation.  You simply wrote two words “harmless solpugid” in an email and sent it to me. I had to go out on the web site to see the way you presented it and to see your full answer and then I still had to search the web to find out what a “solpugid” was. If you want to be accurate, please adjust your notes accordingly

Ed. Note
Creeped Out is correct.  Our original response to her was a brief two word answer which we sometimes do in an effort to answer as many requests as possible.  Then we spend more time crafting responses that we plan to post.  We do not feel sorry that after supplying a brief correct identification, the burden of further research was placed on the querant.

Creeped Out continues to write to us
It seems I am not the only one with a bad temper judging from your response. Your words were completely unnecessary and unrelated to bugs or your website. I apologized in my initial email to begin with and only became insulted by the way you presented my situation.
I apologize for killing the “solpugid” and I am sorry that I became angry. I didn’t think that this was the first photo of a dead bug you would have seen so I apologize for not being more sensitive to your passion.

Ed. Note:
For the record, we no longer email Creeped Out directly, as feel compelled to keep all lines of communication totally transparent and public.  Also, for the record, though we consider What’s That Bug? to be an insect identification website, we do not shy away from relating the insect world to the grander scheme of things.  We have maintained from Day 1 that we are not scientists, but artists, and as such, we reserve the right to dialog in whatever way we see fit and to not fear letting our freaky flag fly.

Another Reader Comments
Big nasty black thing
July 22, 2009
I was so intrigued by Creeped Out’s diatribe and backstory that I thought I’d let you know there are calm, reasonable people in Colorado as well. Also, I need a bug identified. I’m so sorry I don’t have a photo; I’m too scared of them, and I only see a couple a day. It doesn’t look anything like the photo attached, which I had to do for the form to work. They are 1 1/2″ or so long, black but iridescent (blue or green in sunlight), have a small middle section (thorax?) , very narrow “waist” and a long, skinny back end. They buzz when they fly. I’m scared because I thought I saw one flying away from biting my son; I just need to know how vigilant to be about them! If you can refer me to a lineup, I’m sure I could pick one out, and if I get a picture I’ll write again. Thanks for all you do!
For Heaven’s Sake Feel Free to Post This
western CO
Dear For Heaven’s Sake,
Thanks for your support regarding our latest Nasty Reader Award.  Your insects sound like some kind of wasp, perhaps a Cricket Hunter Wasp in the genus Chlorion, or a Blue Mud Wasp, Chalbion californicum, or some other Thread-Waisted Wasp in the family Sphecidae.  All of them may be viewed on BugGuide, but our money is on the Blue Mud Wasp.

Hi Very Nice People Offering an Unbelievable Free Service,
I could just not resist writing the following note to the selfish, unaware morons who feature in your “nastiest person on the Internet” (aka “Nasty Reader Award” section). Thanks for posting their emails so that they cannot remain anonymous and get away with such anti-social behavior.
Kindest regards and gratitude,

Clueless Ingrates: your post to What’s That Bug (Jen Cifon, jonathanayres, Dawn)
Sat, Nov 8, 2008 at 9:16 AM
I can’t believe that you are such self-centered and apparently pretty stupid people to EXPECT someone who offers you a FREE service (at their own cost, in their own time) to give you what you want, when you want it. Just who handed you your sense of entitlement?
If you had a smidgen of intelligence, you’d be off to some professional entomologist at some high $$, and THEN demand service. Don’t be so stupid and selfish to look a gift horse in the mouth.
It is people like you that are screwing up our society in a big way. You make generous people like the owners of “What’s That Bug?” give up through frustration, and ruin it for everybody else.
You are each a clearly clueless ingrate, acting like the brats that you are, and deserve only the worst in life. Get out of other peoples lives. Idiots

Hi JB,
Thanks so much for your support in the matter of our Nasty Reader Awards. We cannot believe the bile that some people spew because of the anonymity of the internet. We have been chastised by some people for our responses to the Nasty Readers, but we reserve the right to voice our opinion on our own website. Thanks again

Know nothing about your ‘bug site’ and yeah yeah we all work
many jobs… try lowpaying one 8 am until -7 or 9pm
and then going to babysit a hyper kid straight from that job
to work until 12:15 ..AM!!!!! That was my schedule, PLUS a
college workload. Could not believe your unprofessional and
snotty response to a person who asked you to identify something
(uh,it IS an identifying site, cant handle it or dont have
time, take it down! )and the response was ‘did your
mommy do your homework for you’ what is that all about? What?!
Did YOUR mommy teach you any manners? If I had
a million jobs and was ‘very active’ in community then i wouldnt
post or maintain a site if it was getting too many letters.
Garbage in, garbage out.
Unsigned (but name on email account is Someone Nowhere)

Dear Someone Nowhere,
You are absolutely right. You are also absolutely right to
take the time from your busy no gratification life to write
this email to a person you don’t know. Your grammar is also
absolutely correct. Writing that falsity just gave us the
shivers. We will now paraphrase the writing of novelist Andre
Gide who once wrote something akin to: Sometimes one
must allow others to be right because it consoles them for
being nothing else.
With that said, your lack of
sensitivity to the hyperactivity of the unfortunate child
who is left in your care should be grounds for dismissal,
especially since the time stamp on your email indicates that
it was sent during the time you were being paid to supervise
that child. One can only wonder how someone with no interest
in a bug site could delve so deeply into our archives as to
find that long ago letter while being paid to supervise a
child. Multi-tasking like that will no doubt take you far
in life, but nowhere that we would care to go ourselves.

More Maniacal Nonsensical Ramblings

Two jobs? Surpirsed you have time . Who is this psycho sending messages??I will now quote Celine Walko: Garbage in, garbage out.. an empty barrel makes the most noise.. this psycho was blocked and responded again , what does that tell you ?? Don’t want to hear from you,not reading your message ha nor your site.. go away.
You have spell check, go use it.. lol, proofread your own work much? Let’s talk about who
needs to use ‘spellcheck’ (that is again a quote from Celine, deal with her directly).
What the are you talking about?? . You win nastiest’host’ award’ talkto my orofessor whos e child we watch,, and not watching when writing letters, mr anal retnentive much? We are not ‘perusers’ of your site and ahve no idea what your are talking about.. as we are not (ha!0a ‘customer’ and never would be.. GET A LIFE .. summer vacation, what’s that? And when this individual was blocked it means we dont wish to hear from mr snotty.. or ms.. whoever u are..we dont read your site.. who ARE you??????? Do not message us again . Surprised someone with ‘two full time jobs’ has the time.. summer vacation huh? what is that?h the listener award? You are aT EACHER ?! ..wouldnt be teaching long at my school, oh and when someone blocks you and you continue to contact.. let’s talk about who needs ‘dismissal’. and you have
spell check, use it. GO BE PRODUCTIVE., nor did we bother to read your childish, reaffirmation of your immaturity response.. my god! people like this are ‘active’ in community?

A Reader Comments: 18 September 2008
unethical for professor to have student babysitter
Wow… Babysitting for their own professor? Do their classmates know? Forget mommy–in this case it looks like their PROFESSOR does their homework for them directly! NO WONDER they were so offended by that thought. Wait, it might be spelled “fropfsessos,” let me spell-check that. Spellcheck? ‘ “Spell check” ‘?? Apparently someone knows or cares if there is officially a space between these two words, yet calls YOU mr. anal retentive… How about @#$%!! check?? This person is quite silly, being sensitive enough to be VERY offended by rudeness, and yet responding with a deluge of it. I imagine they mainly play with themselves throughout the work day, mentally or otherwise, and then spend their free time whining about how tough it was, what holy martyrs they are. Ugh! I kind of wish i hadnt been given the opportunity to read all that nastiness. I was planning on researching an insect. However, it was ultimately entertaining…the psychology of brats is kind of fascinating, no?
Ryan Bouchard (–parasitized caterpillar surgeon–)
Wakefield, RI, USA

Why is it that it is near to IMPOSSIBLE to find your email address CLEARLY displayed on your website? Are you guys COMPLETELY DAFT???? Since when is this an email address: Email the bugman AT ?????????????????????????????? ???????????
Are you truly dorks?

Dear Jonathan Ayers (who can be reached at,
While the majority of the emails we receive are complimentary, occasionally we do get unsolicited derogatory and inflamatory letters that trouble us deeply. In an effort to confront our demons, we have created the Nasty Reader page and we want to congratulate you on being awarded the fourth installment of the award. Your prize include a high profile posting on our homepage as well as a permanent position in our archives. So that our readership will have no problems locating your email address, we will make sure we link to it several times. You must be suffering from severe performance anxiety as well as personal inadequacy since it is apparent that a large majority of the web browsing public has no problem writing to us by simply clicking the Ask WTB link prominently featured at the top of each and every one of our individual pages. We do receive over 100 emails a day. We strongly suggest you seek some rage management treatment and perhaps our readership has additional suggestions for you. Our readership can email you directly, and hopefully copy us on their letters so we can post their views as well. Have a nice day.

Comment: (08/16/2008) How does it feel to be (in)famous?
Isn’t that what you wanted– to vent unneccessarily at the Bugman and his Mrs? What is wrong with you people? Did you wake up on the wrong side of the bed this morning or are you naturally this nasty? You need a lesson in anger management and good manners, along with giving them an apology. They don’t have to have this wonderful page for us. I check it numerous times a day myself. I love the beautiful pictures that people send in and the commentary every day. Having this website is a wonderful gift to all of us, and you don’t appreciate it. You need to get a grip along with getting a life. Oh, in case you’re that ignorant and can’t find the email address, you’re supposed to click Ask WTB. DUH!

Another Reader Comment (08/17/2008)
Dear Jonathon
Does your mommy know you’re on the internet? Your email to WTB makes me think you are 8 or 9 years old. Even if you are older, I think you ought to be supervised. Get a clue.

Faithful Reader gets nasty with Jonathan (08/17/2008)
Dafty Dork Frustrations
Dear Jonathan,
Being that on a daily basis 100s of us are able to find the means to e-mail “What’s That Bug”, it leads me to the conclusion that it must be you who is the dork and a dafty dork at that!! And … when you apparently did locate the address, instead of feeling pride in your brilliant accomplishment, you didn’t share your insect pics, but instead chose to chastise the wonderful folks who provide this amazing website. This is what I envision occurred… it’s the only explanation for such rage and frustration: You wanted to share your bug pics, but said bug was up your arse. You set up a tripod, positioned your butt, attempted to get your camera in position. The lighting wasn’t quite right, you’re itchy and uncomfortable , what with the bug hopping around in there, just refusing to sit still for a photo. Finally , after 10 minutes or so, poor bug settled down, the lighting adjusted, butt position at perfect angle to camera, you got it! After all that work & discomfort, to not be able to find an e-mail address is certainly justification to spew venom at our Bug Folks friends. I hope your bug has been released and you feel calmer. Although no photos were shared, I thank you for the entertainment. Best wishes,
A very loyal “What’s That Bug” fan

More proof that What’s That Bug? fans are a loyal group!!! (08/17/2008)
Oh Jonathan Ayres…what a hefty mistake you’ve made…
Tsk, tsk. Your email to the Bugman, specifically your overuse of punctuation and lack of manners, points to the fact that you are probably a pre-pubescent boy with little to do other than use mommy’s computer while she’s at work. Clearly she needs to impose more parental controls, and may I suggest for you a class in basic respect. I think they call it boot camp. Perhaps you ought to be practicing your “Yessir”, for if that note is any indication of your ability to control your anger, I see extended jail time in your future. I vote you “Most Likely to End Up in a Tijuana Prison”…and my guess is you have very few friends to bail you out.
M. Doy

Macintosh Representative takes issue with email abuse!!! (08/18/2008)
Macintosh is one class act! You have displayed you have none! I am Macintosh certified and am embarrassed for Macintosh that such garbage be associated with their name. I will make sure to pass this on to all the nice wonderful people at Macintosh and see if we can’t disassociate you from their name. Hope you have fun with that!

Attitude Adjustment Needed
Dear ja, You asked the great folks at What’s That Bug if they were “dorks”….how insipid!! You must be less than a dork if your found it difficult to send them an email. I have always considered myself a dork when it comes to computer tech stuff but even with my limited PC abilities, I had no trouble writing to them. Your mamma must certainly be proud of your rudeness and bad attitude. My mamma knew how to do an instant attitude adjustment. Too bad your mamma didn’t have the same knowledge!! Don’t know how old you are but you better remember one thing, always be nice to those who know more than you do!! Cordially,
A bug wit…..

Comment: (08/31/2008) Nasty Reader Awards
I love your site, it’s very interesting and helpful. It’s also entertaining that you post the nasty reader award…but I would hope that you realize that everybody has bad days and take things out on others when they shouldn’t. I’m sure you’re intelligent enough not to take someone’s rantings personally. Seems like after a week or so you’d consider taking the “Nasty Reader’s” email address out of the letter though. He/She shouldn’t suffer a lifetime of emails concerning his rude message to you, don’t you think? Just wanted to let you know my thoughts. Have a great day and thanks for helping us figure out what these bugs are!!

Hi Jenna,
We had to admit, what you wrote had a ring of truth to it, and in a moment of guilt, we removed links to both Jonathan Ayres and one other individual in the Nasty Readers archives. We did not however remove the addresses, just the link, so readers can still write letters after physically typing the address into their email program. We still feel though that there is some accountability that falls on the shoulders of the originators of the nasty emails that remains to be done. That would be an apology which is the only polite thing to do. The fact that Jonathan never apologized leads us to believe that this was more than just a bad day and probably runs far deeper in his personality, permeating daily activities. We do believe though, as several respondants indicated, that Jonathan is not an adult, and that he might be the playground bully. The first two recipients of the Nasty Reader Award wrote to apologize, though one claimed the nasty email originated with her “extremely rude and unprincipled boyfriend,” and we immediately removed the link when we received her letter.