Mydas Flies Facts: Uncovering the Secrets of These Unique Insects

Mydas flies are fascinating insects known for their large size and striking resemblance to wasps. They can be found in various parts of North America and are often considered beneficial due to their predatory nature during their larval stage. These eye-catching insects have jet-black bodies with smoky wings, often sporting bright orange markings on their … Read more

What Do Mydas Flies Eat? Truth Revealed

What Do Mydas Flies Eat

Did you see a unique fly with a golden band in your garden? These are Mydas flies, and this article will tell you what do Mydas flies eat. So, you’ve found Mydas flies in your garden, and you might be wondering what they eat.  Finding weird insects in your garden can always be concerning if … Read more

Where Are Mydas Flies Found? #1 Answer

Mydas flies have a golden band across their bodies and are named after the legend of king Midas. But where are Mydas flies found around the world? What is their habitat like? Let’s find out. Belonging to the family of flies under Mydidae, Mydas flies are a harmless bunch, despite their rather large and intimidating … Read more

Mydas Fly Symbolism: 7 Meanings of Seeing a Fly

Mydas Fly Symbolism

Mydas flies are the king of flies. These flies have a unique place in culture and history. Below we share a bit about Mydas fly symbolism and the meaning of seeing one near you. Every spiritual person knows that we have spirit animals surrounding us all the time. Mydas fly also symbolizes a spirit animal … Read more