Can You Eat Mormon Crickets? Exploring Edible Insects

Mormon crickets are flightless, ground-dwelling insects native to the western United States. These insects are known for their voracious appetite, consuming a variety of plant matter, including native forbs, grasses, and cultivated forage crops1. Although crickets may not be the first thing that comes to mind when thinking about edible insects, they are indeed a … Read more

Do Mormon Crickets Bite? Debunking the Myths and Facts

Mormon crickets, despite their misleading name, are actually a type of shield-backed katydid known as Anabrus simplex. They are notorious for causing damage to forage plants on rangeland and cultivated crops during their migrations. With their large size and seemingly relentless march, some people might wonder whether these insects have the ability to bite humans. … Read more

How to Get Rid of Mormon Crickets: Simple & Effective Solutions

Mormon crickets can be quite the nuisance, especially when they swarm in large numbers. These flightless insects are native to the western United States and can cause significant damage to rangelands, crops, and native vegetation. Controlling their population is essential for maintaining healthy ecosystems and minimizing their adverse effects on agriculture. Various strategies and methods … Read more

Mormon Crickets: All You Need to Know for a Bug-Free Summer

Mormon crickets are a fascinating species of flightless, ground-dwelling insects native to the western United States. As members of the katydid family (Tettigoniidae), these crickets might not seem like a significant concern, but their feeding habits and tendency to congregate in large numbers can have severe consequences on both natural and agricultural ecosystems. These insects … Read more

Are Mormon Crickets Cicadas? Uncovering the Truth Behind These Intriguing Insects

Are Mormon Crickets Cicadas

Mormon crickets and cicadas are both well-known insects, often striking curiosity in people due to their unique behaviors and appearances. With the buzz surrounding these insects, it’s important to understand the differences between them to correctly identify and discuss these creatures. Are Mormon Crickets Cicadas? Mormon crickets, scientifically known as Anabrus simplex, are actually not … Read more