Locust Borer: All You Need to Know for Effective Management

The Locust Borer is a fascinating type of long-horned beetle that has piqued the interest of entomologists and nature lovers alike. Known by its scientific name, Megacyllene robiniae, this beetle’s appearance mimics a wasp or hornet, with its black body adorned by bright yellow markings and a distinctive “W” shape across the wing covers ([1]). … Read more

Locust Borer Beetle Bite: Is it Poisonous? Unveiling the Truth

The locust borer beetle is a type of long-horned beetle, known for its distinctive yellow and black markings, as well as its infestations in black locust trees. While these beetles have a striking appearance, many people might wonder if their bite is something to be concerned about. Although the adult locust borer beetle closely resembles … Read more

Are Locust Borers Dangerous to Humans? Uncovering the Truth

Locust borers, scientifically known as Megacyllene robiniae, are a type of long-horned beetle that can wreak havoc on trees, particularly black locust trees. While these insects can cause damage to plant life and may be a concern for arborists, it’s essential to determine if they pose a danger to humans as well. Adult locust borers … Read more