Large Milkweed Bug Unveiled: Quick Guide and Essential Tips

The Large Milkweed Bug (Oncopeltus fasciatus) is an intriguing insect commonly found on milkweed plants, with striking orange and black markings that make it easily recognizable. The adult bugs are around ¾ inch long, featuring a distinctive black band across their back and preferring to feed on milkweed, particularly the seeds source. Although Large Milkweed … Read more

Small vs Large Milkweed Bug: Decoding the Differences

Milkweed plants are home to a variety of insects, two of which are the small and large milkweed bugs. These bugs, although similar in appearance, have some key differences in size and markings. In this article, we’ll explore the characteristics that set them apart and help you identify these fascinating little creatures. Small milkweed bugs … Read more