Azalea Lace Bug: All You Need to Know in One Handy Guide

Azalea lace bugs are tiny, destructive pests that target azaleas, causing damage to the leaves and affecting the overall health of the plant. Known for their unique and intricate wing patterns, these insects are about 1/8 inch long and often go unnoticed by gardeners until significant damage has occurred. Lace bugs damage azaleas by using … Read more

How to Get Rid of Lace Bugs: Easy, Effective Solutions

Lace bugs are small, inconspicuous insects that can cause damage to various ornamental plants by feeding on their foliage. They are commonly found on shrubs such as azaleas, rhododendrons, and andromeda, as well as on shade trees like sycamore, hawthorn, and elm. Infestations can lead to the appearance of a grayish cast on affected plants, … Read more

Lace Bug: All You Need to Know for Healthy, Happy Plants

Lace bugs are small, inconspicuous insects that feed on plants, potentially causing damage to trees and shrubs. These pests can be found on various plant species, with some common types including the azalea lace bug, andromeda lace bug, and rhododendron lace bug, as well as those that attack shade trees such as sycamore, hawthorn, elm, … Read more

Lace Bugs on Avocado Trees: Effective Control and Prevention Tips

Lace bugs are a common pest affecting avocado trees, posing a significant threat to their health and productivity. The avocado lace bug (Pseudacysta perseae) specifically targets avocado trees, and has been detected in various regions, including the Caribbean, Mexico, and southeastern United States 1. These pests can diminish the beauty and overall health of avocado … Read more