What Does a Kissing Bug Look Like? Identifying the Sneaky Insect

Kissing bugs are insects that have gained notoriety due to their blood-sucking nature and potential to transmit Chagas disease. If you’re trying to identify one, it’s essential to understand their unique physical attributes. These creepy-crawlies usually range in size from 3/4 to 1 3/4 inches long. They’re characterized by an elongated, cone-shaped head with elbowed … Read more

Where Are Kissing Bugs Found? Uncovering Their Secret Habitats

Kissing bugs, also known as conenose bugs, are mainly found in rural and mountainous areas, especially in warmer climates. These blood-sucking insects are attracted to lights on warm nights and can enter homes through doors or open windows (source). While they can be seen throughout most of California, their presence isn’t limited to the United … Read more

Kissing Bug: All You Need to Know for Protection and Prevention

Kissing bugs are blood-sucking insects known for their cone-shaped heads and dark brown or black bodies. Mainly active at night, these insects feed on rodents and other wild animals but can also bite humans and cause allergies. Found across the United States, their exact appearance varies by species, with some having red-orange banding on their … Read more