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Subject:  Western Subterranean Termite Alates
Geographic location of the bug:  Mount Washington, Los Angeles, California
Date: 11/22/2018
Time: 12:30 PM EDT
For the past week, What’s That Bug? has been experiencing technical difficulties receiving images after a recent software update.  While we have been unable to post any new submissions from our readers, Daniel took some images of recent insect activity near the WTB? offices.  Los Angeles got some badly needed rain last Wednesday night, and then on Thanksgiving Day, Daniel noticed several interesting semi-circles of Termite Wings after he noticed the dreaded Argentine Ants out in large numbers.  Though this is only speculation, Daniel believes that when the winged Termite alates emerged from the wooden fence, they were attacked by the ants before they had a chance to take wing.  The beautiful day did reveal a goodly number of flying Termites getting eaten by black phoebes and other insect feeding birds.

Argentine Ants and Termite Alates with discarded Termite wings

Termite Wings


Subject:  Big found in kitchen cabinets
Geographic location of the bug:  New York
Date: 11/10/2018
Time: 06:30 PM EDT
Your letter to the bugman:  Hello,
For the last couple of weeks I have had what I thought was an ant problem in my kitchen cabinets but now I am questions the type of insect
How you want your letter signed:  Ellie

Sawtooth Grain Beetle

Dear Ellie,
This is a Sawtooth Grain Beetle, one of the many species of beetles that infest stored foods.  According to BugGuide:  “serious pest of stored grain; presence in household products is incidental and causes little concern.” 

Subject:  What’s this bug
Geographic location of the bug:  West Virginia
Date: 11/10/2018
Time: 10:50 PM EDT
Your letter to the bugman:  Found this in our cabin in Middlebourne West Virginia
How you want your letter signed:  Jenny

Larder Beetle

Dear Jenny,
This is a Larder Beetle, a common household pest that infests stored foods.  Check the pantry for the site of the infestation.

Subject:  Desperate for help to I’d bugs
Geographic location of the bug:  Croydon under my bed
Date: 11/02/2018
Time: 09:19 AM EDT
Your letter to the bugman:  Dear bug man I have some plastic boxes under my bed and found these two small bugs under there. I thought both were dead but then one started walking. Opposite my house they cut a large tree down yesterday but it was probably there already. I panicking there bed bugs but I hope it’s not a bug that causes infestation but if it is I need to I’d and sort it.
How you want your letter signed:  Wendy

Carpet Beetle Larva

Dear Wendy,
This is a Carpet Beetle Larva, a common household pest.

Subject:  What’s this bug?
Geographic location of the bug:  Ontario, Canada
Date: 10/28/2018
Time: 02:50 PM EDT
Your letter to the bugman:  Can you tell me what type of bug this is, I am tore on distinguishing it between a tick or Pthirus pubis. Found on my significant other. We found about 30 in total. All located on inner thighs, stomach, bum and public area, also two on his arms.
How you want your letter signed:  Trina

Crab Louse

Dear Trina,
This sure looks like a human Crab Louse,
Pthirus pubis, to us, especially when compared to this BugGuide image.  Finding 30 on your significant other indicates this is a problem that has gone unchecked for some time, and the number would indicate that these Crab Lice are reproducing on the host.  Also, you might want to check other members of the household to see if these external parasites have spread beyond the body of your significant other.

Thank you, I have checked myself and the remaining family members and we did not find any on us. I have cleaned my house top to bottom and washed all bedding and clothes throughout the house.

Subject:  Dead flies on the floor
Geographic location of the bug:  Southern California
Date: 10/01/2018
Time: 05:02 PM EDT
Your letter to the bugman:  Hi,
I’ve been finding these flies on my kitchen floor a lot lately. They’re always either dead or dying and I’ve never seen them flying or anywhere else. Sometimes there will only be one or two and other times there will be as many as 20. I’d really like to put a stop to it but I guess the first step is to identify what they actually are. If you could help that would be great.  Thanks in advance!
How you want your letter signed:  David

Termite Alate

Dear David,
This is not a Fly.  It is a Termite alate, the winged reproductive caste, which would indicate you have a Termite colony in your home, possibly in wood that has had water damage due to a leaky pipe in the past.  Based on this Natural History of Orange County page, we believe it is a Western Drywood Termite,
Incisitermes minor.