Gypsy Moth: All You Need to Know for Effective Management and Control

The Gypsy Moth, now referred to as the Spongy Moth, is a notable invasive species in the United States. These pests are known for their voracious appetite for trees and shrubs, causing extensive damage to forests and landscapes. Characteristics of the Spongy Moth include: Distinctive fuzzy appearance Males are brown and have feathery antennae Females … Read more

Gypsy Moth Damage: All You Need to Know for Protecting Your Trees

Gypsy moths, recently renamed as spongy moths, can cause extensive damage to forests and other vegetation. Originally from Europe, they spread to the United States in the 1860s and have since become an invasive species, causing defoliation and weakening host trees. The caterpillars of spongy moths are the primary cause of damage, as they voraciously … Read more