Green Orchid Bee Care 101: Essentials for Enthusiasts

As nature’s living jewels, Green Orchid Bees captivate with their unique appearance and intriguing behavior. These beautiful insects can be found throughout the Americas, with about 200 known species displaying a dazzling mix of metallic colors, such as dark green, shiny blue, purple, red, gold, and brassy tones. You can learn more about these stunning … Read more

Do Green Orchid Bees Sting? Uncovering the Truth About These Insects

Green orchid bees are a fascinating species known for their striking metallic-green coloration and large size. Found primarily in the Americas, there are around 200 different known species of these bees, with new ones being discovered every year. These bees’ distinctive coloring can vary, with some displaying brilliant blue, purple, red, or gold shades. While … Read more