Termite Alates (Flying Termites) Facts: All You Need To Know

The Complete Guide to Understanding Termite Alates (Flying Termites) In this article, we talk about some interesting facts regarding Termite Alates Termite alates (winged termites) are one of the most avoided pests of all time. These insects will wreak havoc in your homes by destroying furniture and other wooden structures.  It is tough to get … Read more

Do Flying Termites Eat Wood? How To Prevent Damage From Flying Termites

Did you find some flying termite wings in your home? Wondering if flying termites eat wood, or whether they are harmless? Let’s find out. Infamous for the damage they cause to wood structures, flying termites are a huge nuisance and a nightmare for homeowners. If you suspect a termite infestation do NOT waste time, connect … Read more