Bumble Flower Beetle: All You Need to Know in a Nutshell

The bumble flower beetle (Euphoria inda) is an intriguing member of the scarab beetle family. Measuring roughly half an inch in length, these beetles are known for their yellowish-brown or cinnamon-colored wings adorned with irregular rows of small black spots. With a fuzzy appearance, bumble flower beetles can often be mistaken for bumble bees, especially … Read more

Flower Beetle: All You Need to Know in a Nutshell

Flower beetles play a vital role in the pollination process, ensuring the reproduction and survival of many plant species. These fascinating insects belong to the scarab family and are essential pollinators for ancient species like magnolias and spicebush. As they feed on flower petals and other floral parts, they inadvertently spread pollen from one flower … Read more

Japanese Flower Beetle: All You Need to Know in a Quick Guide

The Japanese flower beetle, more commonly known as the Japanese beetle, is a highly destructive plant pest that can cause substantial damage to gardens, crops, and landscapes. Known scientifically as Popillia japonica, this invasive insect is notorious for feeding on over 300 different ornamental and agricultural plants, making it a major concern for homeowners, gardeners, … Read more