Do Flour Beetles Fly? Which Ones Can Fly?

Flour beetles can be a huge menace to your packaged foods, but do flour beetles fly as well? Can they move from one room to another? Let’s find out. There are typically two types of flour beetles, red flour beetles and confused flour beetles. Out of the two, it’s the red flour beetle that can … Read more

Do Flour Beetles Bite?

We all know how big a pest flour beetles can by for your pantry goods. But do flour beetles bite as well? Can they cause you injury? Let’s find out. Flour beetles are resilient pests that can survive pesticides and even radiation. They are a common pest in the tropics and sub-tropics. As the name … Read more

Flour Beetles In Bedroom – What To Do? 9 Steps To Removing Flour Beetles

Red Flour Beetle

Flour beetles can damage your stored foods very quickly. If you find flour beetles in bedroom, you should take quick action. This article will tell you what to do Flour beetles are pests that attack stored grain and food products such as flour, spices, cereals, etc. They come in two main varieties – red and … Read more