Eastern Dobsonfly: All You Need To Know

The eastern dobsonfly is one of the few that are native to the states. Learn all about this mammoth and fearsome-looking insect in the article below. Dobsonflies, even though named such, aren’t true flies. Just like Alderflies and Fishflies, these insects belong to the order Megaloptera. They grow and live in aquatic environments. Dobsonflies are … Read more

Dobsonfly – All You Need To Know

In this article, we cover the dobsonfly and its larval form, hellgrammites, in detail Dobsonflies are one of the scariest-looking insects on earth. These flies have large mandibles that can grow up to almost an inch and bodies that grow upto half a foot!  If you are scared of insects, the sight of a dobsonfly … Read more

Dobsonfly Structural Adaptations: 9 Tips To Surviving in The Water

Dobsonflies live as aquatic insects most of their life and have uniquely adapted to their environment. Here are some dobsonfly structural adaptations and what benefit they derive from them [toc] Structural adaptations are one of the most amazing things about the world of insects. If you’re fascinated by how different insect species adapt to their … Read more