How to Get Rid of Diving Beetles?

If you are looking for ways to get rid of diving beetles that have made your pool or small pond a home, this article will help you remove them. Seeing black, floating insects in a water body is never a pleasant sight. While it can be anything from diving beetles to Japanese beetles, we’re going … Read more

What Do Diving Beetles Eat?

Diving beetles are unique species of insects that live most of their lives underwater. But what do these little guys eat? Do they feed in the water or on the ground? The beetle family is huge; it consists of around 400,000 known species. This makes them one of the largest insect populations in the world. … Read more

Diving Beetle – All You Need To Know

Diving Beetle

We’re all aware of beetles that raid our pantries and feed on our crops, but did you know that some beetles prefer to live in water? The diving beetle is a unique creature that you simply must know about. The diverse world of insects is always interesting, but aquatic insects are a special bunch. This … Read more