Common Buckeye: Essential Facts and Tips for Butterfly Enthusiasts

The Common Buckeye (Junonia coenia) is a fascinating butterfly species found across the southern United States and Mexico. Their colorful markings and distinctive eyespots make them a favorite among butterfly enthusiasts. Being able to adapt to various habitats, these intriguing creatures often make appearances in gardens, meadows, and even wetlands. One of the most striking … Read more

Common Buckeye Host Plant: Essential Guide for Gardeners

The common buckeye butterfly, scientifically known as Junonia coenia, is a distinctive North American species with easily recognizable target-shaped eyespots. Inhabiting open, sunny landscapes such as old fields, roadsides, gardens, and parks, these butterflies can be found throughout the year, depending on the region. An essential aspect of the common buckeye’s life cycle is its … Read more