Tiny Black and White Striped Bug: Carpet Beetle Invasion & Prevention Tips

Carpet beetles are common household pests known for their distinctive appearance and their potential to damage fabrics and furniture. These tiny insects get their name from the patterns on their backs, which often feature black and white stripes, among other colors. You might encounter these small, rounded creatures, which measure about 3-5 millimeters in length, … Read more

Varied Carpet Beetle: Characteristics and Identification Made Simple

Varied carpet beetles are small but intriguing insects with a wide range of characteristics. These beetles are often found in homes, warehouses, and museums, where they can be a pest to stored organic products source. Originally from Europe, Asia, and North Africa, they have made their way to North America around 1850, giving them a … Read more

What Do Carpet Beetles Eat: A Quick Guide for Curious Homeowners

Carpet beetles are a common household pest known for their appetite for fabrics and animal fibers. An infestation can be troublesome due to the damage they cause, particularly by their larvae. Adult carpet beetles aren’t a major concern, as they primarily feed on pollen outdoors or not at all source. The real culprits behind the … Read more

Where Do Carpet Beetles Come From? Unraveling the Mystery

Carpet beetles are common pests that can infest your home and damage fabrics, furniture, and other belongings. You might be wondering where these pesky critters come from. These beetles typically find their way inside through small cracks and gaps in your home’s exterior or are inadvertently brought in on items like plants, flowers, and fabrics. … Read more

Where to Find Carpet Beetle Larvae: A Helpful Guide

Carpet beetle larvae are known for causing damage to fabrics, furniture, and other materials in your home. You may find them hiding in various locations due to their preference for dark and concealed spaces. Identifying where to find carpet beetle larvae is crucial for effective control and to prevent further damage to your belongings. These … Read more