Carpenter Ants in my Bathroom! Help!

Are these carpenter ants?Found in my sink in my bathroom upstairsAbout 20 of them early morning 7:30January 20,2024. Bathroom is mostly marble. Help! Carmel ‘What’s That Bug’ Product Recommendations: Attracting Birds & Butterflies Create a beautiful bird & butterfly filled yard with this online course. Sustainable Pest Control An online course that will help you … Read more

Do Carpenter Ants Fly? Uncovering the Truth About Their Wings

Carpenter ants are often mistaken for termites due to their similar appearance and wood-damaging behavior. However, unlike termites, carpenter ants do not actually eat wood; instead, they excavate it to build their nests. Knowing whether carpenter ants can fly is essential in identifying and managing them in case of an infestation. Yes, certain carpenter ants … Read more

Are Carpenter Ants Bad? Uncovering the Truth Behind These Tiny Intruders


Carpenter ants are large, dark insects often found in homes and gardens. While they don’t consume wood like termites, they can cause damage by creating nests in damp or moisture-compromised wood, extending their tunnels into dry wood, and potentially leading to structural damage. These ants typically nest in moisture-damaged wood, but sometimes find voids to … Read more