Black Soldier Fly Pupa

In this article, we will talk about the pupal stage of the black soldier flies, specifically how long it takes, and what factors control its weight and size. You might be familiar with the tiny, wasp-shaped flies that flit in and around decaying matter and garbage cans. While they can be annoying, this insect species … Read more

Green Soldier Fly: All You Need To Know

In this article, we look at the green soldier fly, its habitat, what it eats, whether it is harmful or useful for humans, and more. Soldier flies have countless benefits; they are an excellent protein source, great feed for poultry farms, and a great tool for effective organic waste management. While black soldier flies are … Read more

Black Soldier Fly Life Cycle

In this article, we look at the life cycle of the black soldier fly, one of the most important insects for composting and as a feeder. Nowadays, constructing a black soldier fly farm is quite popular. These insects are edible and provide excellent amounts of protein, plus they are ideal for organic waste management. It … Read more

Basics Of Black Soldier Fly Farming

If you are thinking of starting an insect farm to feed your livestock, this article will give you the basics of black soldier fly farming. An insect mainly seen around food waste and garbage piles must be quite harmful, right? Well, not always. Black soldier fly larvae actively rely on such food wastes to get … Read more