Hoverfly vs Bee: The Differences and Why It Matters

Hoverflies and bees are both common visitors to gardens, but they serve different roles in the ecosystem. Although they may appear similar at first glance, these insects have distinct features and behaviors that set them apart. Hoverflies belong to the family Syrphidae and are often found darting around flowers in search of nectar. They are … Read more

How to Identify and Manage Big Black Bugs That Mimic Bees

When observing insects in your garden, you may come across large black flying bugs that resemble bees at first glance. These insects, though, often have unique characteristics that distinguish them from actual bees, making it important to recognize these differences for a better understanding of their behavior and ecological roles. Curious what unconventional products the … Read more

What Do Bee Flies Eat? Do They Pollinate or Make Honey?

Bee flies, belonging to the family Bombyliidae, are intriguing insects that often spark curiosity due to their bee-like appearance and unique behaviors.  This article delves into the dietary habits of bee flies, exploring whether they play a role in pollination and if they have any involvement in honey production.  By understanding the characteristics and ecological … Read more

Do Tiger Bee Flies Bite? Debunking Myths

Tiger bee flies are fascinating insects that many people encounter around wooden structures such as fences and roof overhangs. They are known to parasitize the larvae of carpenter bees, but one common question is whether or not they bite humans. While their appearance may seem intimidating, the good news is that tiger bee flies do … Read more