Do Aphids Bite? Truth Revealed

Do Aphids Bite

Aphids are well-known predators of plants, but do aphids bite humans as well? Let’s find out.   Aphids are tiny, soft-bodied insects that are common plant pests in the United States. An aphid infestation is bad news for the plant. They use their needle-like sucking mouthparts to drink the sap out of plants and damaging … Read more

What Eats Aphids? Natural Pest Hunters

What Eats Aphids

Aphids are sap suckers that destroy plants and vegetation. But nature has a balance to everything – and as aphids eat plants, there are those that eat them too. So, what eats aphids? Let’s find out.   Aphids are tiny sap-sucking bugs that are dreaded common plant pests. So, protecting your plants from the aphid … Read more