Do Aphids Make Webs? The Truth Revealed

Do Aphids Make Webs? The Truth Revealed

Aphids leave your plants dry and listless, but do aphids make webs around them too? Which other bug lays webs, if not aphids? Let’s find out.   Aphids are infamous for leaving behind a sticky substance called honeydew on leaves. But making webs – leave that up to a close relative of aphids – the … Read more

Do Aphids Eat Monarch Eggs? #1 Answer

Do Aphids Eat Monarch Eggs

Aphids on your milkweed plants can be a cause of concern, but more so if you have monarch butterflies on them. But do aphids eat monarch eggs or harm them in any way? Well, not directly, but indirectly they do cause harm.   Growing milkweed plants in your butterfly garden is a great way to … Read more

What Plants Repel Aphids? Helpful Tips

What Plants Repel Aphids

Did you know that you can repel aphids simply by adding some plants to your garden? Let’s look at what plants repel aphids below. Tiny insects making their nests under your plants is probably the last thing you need to see when you check on your garden. But what if we tell you there are … Read more

How Do Aphids Reproduce Asexually? Explained

How Do Aphids Reproduce Asexually

Aphids are one of the few creatures on earth that don’t need sex to produce babies. So how do aphids reproduce asexually? And if they can do it, why then do they sometimes do it sexually too? Let’s find out Aphids are a type of insect that belongs to the Aphidoidea superfamily. These insects extract … Read more

Do Aphids Jump? Best Answer

Do aphids jump onto humans and pets? Can they hurt you? Or do they have other ways of moving around on your plants? Let’s find out.   Aphids are one of the most common pests you can find crawling on your plants. These tiny creatures can crawl as well as fly (sometimes) from one leaf … Read more