Subject: What is going on – two photos?
Location: Essex, UK
August 31, 2015 10:38 am
I photographed these at Thameside Nature Park on 30 August.
The fly appears to be sitting on a nest apparently containing tiny youngsters – and with a trapdoor at the end. Has the fly been caught and left as food for the youngsters? Is it eating them itself?
These is also this strange red thing which appears to be spinning itself a cacoon.
Signature: Karenina

Tachinid Fly Emerges from Puparium

Tachinid Fly Emerges from Puparium

Dear Karenina,
We believe this is a Tachinid Fly, a parasitoid, and we believe your image might have something to do with the adult Tachinid Fly emerging from its host insect.  The other image might have something to do with fungus.  This is all conjecture and we eagerly welcome any additional information.

Possibly a Fungus

Possibly a Fungus

Location: Essex, UK

3 Responses to Tachinid Fly emergence and possible Fungus from the UK

  1. Cesar Crash says:

    I think that, maybe, the fungus is on a tiny mantis ootheca.

  2. Maggie says:

    They have something to do with a fungal, bacterial, parasitic, biofilm infection that is affecting 97% of the American population, as well as other countries. Its a new global problem. Look up unknown disease mites, itchy skin parasites. I have a page on my facebook page,, It is a petition on the Center for Disease Control website regarding this, with hundreds of peoples pleas, and stories of these microscopic , insects. Please if you wish I can send the link, or you can go to my fb page and check it out. Margaret Vance. Dallas, Tx

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