T-Bug is Plume Moth

T-shaped white bug
Location: Manhattan (Union Square)
June 4, 2011 7:11 pm
I found this bug on the bathroom wall at my job in Manhattan on June 2. It sort of reminded me of a sun-bleached cow skull. It was about an inch and a half long. I’m not sure if it had wings or not because it was mostly sitting motionless.
Sorry about the crappiness of the photo. I took it with my camera phone.
Signature: Dennis

T-Bug Plume Moth

Dear Dennis,
We just finished postdating an identification request for a Plume Moth, however it won’t go live until next week.  Our readers often write in wanting the T Bug identified and we just checked our search engine because we always identify Plum Moths as T-Bugs, but alas, the search engine is too broad to locate any of those postings.  Google also doesn’t have a sensitive enough setting to be directed to a Plume Moth posting after typing in T-Bug.  We really like the elegance and simplicity of your photograph.  We like the division of space into 3/4 light and 1/4 dark areas.

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