Syrphid Fly

this red and olden dragonfly like insect i am in capable of i dentifying my self please help.
Thu, Nov 13, 2008 at 4:52 PM
i found this bug on my Jamaican dogwood in south florida and i cant seem to find out what its is. i wasn’t sure if it was a dragon fly do to its small size it was about 1 inch long maybe a little longer but very small it had only 2 wings at least that i could see the head and thorax where golden yellow and looked fuzzy to me the the abdomen was almost florescent red and looked like if you where to poor a glass and cranberry juice and look through it but brighter when it fly it hovered then moved and hovered more however it was moving to fast and i was only able to see it when hovering.
the ruler
south florida

Salpingogaster nepenthe
Salpingogaster nepenthe

Dear The Ruler,
This is a species of Syrphid Fly, Salpingogaster nepenthe, which we quickly identified on BugGuide. Syprhid Flies belong to the family Syrphidae, and certain groups have common names like Flower Flies or Hover Flies, but this lovely specimen does not have a common name.  You can impress your neighbors by referring to it by the scientific tongue twister Salpingogaster nepenthe.

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