Swarming Termites

Black Squirmers Dropping from A/C Vent
Location: Dallas, Texas
April 9, 2011 2:56 pm
I am new to the site and wanted help identifying this odd insect. There are tons of squirmy black bugs with 6 legs coming out of my A/C vent… please help if you can so I can know what this is.
They have a tendency to stay coupled together like a love bug. No idea what it is though.
Thanks In Advance,
Signature: Amanda

Termite Alates Swarming

Hi Amanda,
You have swarming reproductive Termite Alates.  They are winged, but they shed their wings shortly after landing.  You can see discarded wings in some of the photographs.  Once they mate, a king and queen will establish a new colony.  It is our guess that you probably have termites living in the attic or crawlspace, which is why they entered the habitable portion of your home through the AC vent.  You might want to seek professional assistance with this situation.

Termite Alate after shedding wings

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