Swarming Termites

Identify please!
Dearest Bugman:
Today is the one of the first "above-normal" temperature-wise we have here in Nashville, TN and we’ve probably had over an inch of rain in the past few days. I was working in my garden/patio area when a zillion of these, each in single file, took off as if they were flying for the first time. They appear to be flying ants?! I am not sure exactly where they are coming from, possibly there is a nest between the cracks of my brick home. I was happy to see them flying away, but they didn’t really take off until I reacted to the site of them by stamping on them as they were hovering on their launch pad, my back doorstep! What are they and what should I do? Ick! Thanks for your oh-so-helpful knowledge and time with everyone’s bug issues.
Extremely bugged in Nashville!

Dear Bugged,
We hate to be the bearer of bad news, but you have swarming termites.

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