Swarming Edible Leafcutter Ant

Subject: BIG flying ants
Location: Atenas, Costa Rica
May 16, 2012 5:07 pm
These big critters swarmed our open-air ”ranchito” last night. Their bodies are 25mm +/-. Four wings of translucent amber with two main veins on the main wing. Abdomen and thorax are globular, dark brown with a slight ”velvety” look. Abdomen is smooth to the anterior and then terminates in segmented area to posterior. Relatively small head, compared to the other body sections. Prominent pincers. Bent antennae.
Signature: Newtonian in Atenas

Leafcutter Ant Alate

Dear Newtonian,
Your swarming monarch is a reproductive Leafcutter Ant and they are considered delicacies in Mexico and parts of Central and South America.  After mating, a queen will set up a new colony. 

Leafcutter Ant royalty

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