Swarming Citronella Ants

Backyard swarm
Location: North New Jersey
October 10, 2011 8:49 am
Hi. I found these bugs pouring out of a hole in my backyard. There are at least two types. I think they are both ants, but could also be termites. (My next step is to see if I need to treat my house.) Thanks in advance.
Signature: Jim

Citronella Ant Swarm

Hi Jim,
This is a beautiful photo, but we haven’t the necessary skills to identify the ant species.  Your photo contains both the winged reproductive alates and workers of the same species.  They are not carpenter ants, so we don’t believe it is necessary to treat your house.

Thank you for the reply.  I also sent the picture to Viking Pest Control who said they appear to be citronella ants, a “nuisance” and treatment not necessary unless inside the house.  Whew!
jim padykula

Hi again Jim,
There are many questions about Citronella Ants on BugGuide, and all those appear to be in the genus
Lasius and subgenus Acanthomyops.  The common name refers to the smell the ants give off when smashed.  The yellow color is also indicative of the genus Lasius according to BugGuide.  Thanks for writing back with that information.

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