Sun Spider or Solpugid

Hyper-agressive “Jaws”
July 29, 2009
I believe this is a “Sunspider” which is actually not a spider at all. What struck me was how aggressive they are. This one chased me around the garage, literally, and once under a cup, ran at my finger or my camera for ~30 minutes. He’s have bit me at least 1000x if I’d let him out. The last photo (3011) is him lunging at my finger (dark spot at top of photo). Angry little bug.
Todd in AZ
NE Scottsdale, AZ, USA

Sun Spider
Sun Spider

Thanks for sending in your awesome images Todd.  Solpugids or Sun Spiders are very adept and aggressive hunters, but thankfully, they do not have venom so they will not harm you.  We cannot recall ever getting a report of anyone who has even been bitten, though your photos indicate that could be a possibility.  We still maintain that they are harmless but aggressive hunters who will do far more good alive eating cockroaches and other unwanted annoyances in the home than they will dead.

Sun Spider
Sun Spider
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