Sun Spider

Large Ant? with arms
Wed, Nov 19, 2008 at 9:12 AM
Dear Bugman,
I have been searching the internet to figure out what this bug is, but can’t seem to figure out how to describe it. When I first saw it walking across the floor I thought it was a scorpion. (but obviously not from the photo) It is about an inch long with large body(?abdomen) and 10 appendages. The front two it seems to use to feel along the ground and when at rest it holds them up like claws in a defense-like stance, but I can’t see any pincers on the ends. It has a tear drop shaped head with a single spot on the top that looks like the only “eye” sort of spot on its head. It is also rather furry like a honey bee. I’d really appreciate it if you could tell me what it is and whether it is potentially harmful. I found it indoors in a hangar that was converted into office and lab space, so not well insulated/sealed and with lots of trees and undeveloped areas nearby.
Wondering in CO
Northern Colorado

Sun Spider
Sun Spider

Hi Wondering,
This amazing creature is a Solpugid, also commonly called a Sun Spider or Wind Scorpion though it is neither a spider nor a scorpion. Solpugids do not possess venom, so they are harmless unless you are small enough to be prey. We believe Solpugids might well be the fiercest predators, gram per gram, on the planet.

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6 thoughts on “Sun Spider”

  1. I found 2 of these spiders in my basement bathroom. No one has been down here actively for some time. However, my wife and I are going to move in down here as our daughter and son- in- law live apstairs. How do I discourage them from living here?

    • We don’t provide extermination advice, and Sun Spider or Solifugids are perfectly harmless. We would recommend properly sealing the basement from the outside, including foundation cracks and spaces near windows and doors.

    • I think this may be what I am seeing in my basement bathroom. I live in the basement and am really freaked out as the ones I am seeing are rather large. I am not going to let them crawl all over me!!
      I sprayed watered down peppermint oil as well as lemon and orange oil everywhere. I have a cat that lives with me in the basement so other sprays are not an option.
      I hope the oils work or I’m outta here!

  2. I just found one of these crawling on my bedroom floor to the bathroom. Wondering if it hitched a ride on my shoe or pants leg from my barn in the back yard. I picked it up with a bath towel bunched up and carried it outside to roam the front yard. Hope it is a pest eater and will help clean up any pests in Falcon, CO!


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