Sun Moth from Mexico

Subject: Whats that bug?
Location: Puebla Mexico
August 17, 2016 4:51 pm
Hello bugman , I was searching over internet in a lot of entomology sites and pics trying to find what kind of bug is this that I found over a “Mirabilis Jalapa” flower yesterday morning in the Mexican state of Puebla.
it is more or less 1 inch in size with 6 black and silver spoted legs, a pair of long antennas ending in a little bright silver part.
The body was coloured in a light orange tone filled whit brilliant and metalic silver spots, the back of thorax was covered with a kind of armor of the same silver brilliant under the sun metalic color. with a pair of wings .
Thak you a lot for your help and support all will be very appreciated.
Tomas K.
Puebla Mexico
Signature: Tomas K.

Sun Moth
Sun Moth

Dear Tomas,
We thought this little beauty resembled an Ermine Moth so we searched the superfamily Yponomeutoidea, Ermine Moths and Kin on BugGuide and we located a very similar looking moth identified as a Sun Moth in the family Heliodinidae.  We located another similar looking individual on Nature Watch, also identified only to the family level.  We returned to BugGuide and learned that three different genera in the Sun Moth family all look quite similar, so we hope a family identification will suffice as we do not believe we will be able to provide a species name or even a genus name with any certainty.  We have a single Sun Moth on our site, but it belongs to the family Castniidae, so will be classifying your individual with the Ermine Moths. 

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