Suggestion of Exotica Section

Evan Owens
Seems we’ve opened the proverbial can of… grubs?
I stand corrected as well then. I thought the head may have been a little bloated for the EAB, but I would rather be wrong and have people take a second look at the plants and animals around them then be right and not have anyone take notice. I really enjoy a good diversification of species, but when one gets introduced that threatens to wipe out another… I’ll just say that Snakeheads still give me the creeps. Not to mention, I forget there’s only, um, several million species to consider when making an ID on an insect. All I can say is, that I would be very glad if Evan’s grub wasn’t an Emerald Ash Borer… Roscommon is a good ways up north and I’d like to think they haven’t traveled that far yet. Give me the house centipedes and toebiters… you can have your Japanese Beetles and Gypsy Moths, thanks. In that vein, I was wondering if you’ve ever considered a "Who’s who" section of destructive import species? Just to let people know where infestations are likely to occur and who to contact at regional offices. You folks already kick butt at identifying things (I like it when y’all "keep it real") and that would be a fine public service.
Weston Tulloch
Still in Bay City

Hi again Weston,
We love your suggestion of an exotica section. Did you notice the scorpion at the top of our homepage that was just found in Chicago?

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