Stump Stabber stepped on in Denver!!!

Subject: Looks like a crane fly but not sure?
Location: Denver, CO
June 8, 2014 7:28 am
What is this interesting looking insect? My mother in law found it in our backyard and stepped on it but it didn’t die just broke off most of the wings. We aren’t really sure what it is but someone said it looked like a crane fly. I couldn’t find any pictures of crane flies with the crazy long stinger things like this so that’s why we aren’t sure.
PS. We found it June 7, 2014
Signature: LW

Stump Stabber Carnage
Stump Stabber Carnage

Dear LW,
This magnificent parasitoid is a Giant Ichneumon commonly called a Stump Stabber because the female inserts her substantial ovipositor into dead or dying wood that has been riddled by the wood boring larvae of a Wood Wasp.  Though you were uncertain of the identity of the Stump Stabber when you first encountered it, and though it might appear quite frightful if one imagines that the ovipositor is a stinger, we are nonetheless tagging this posting as Unnecessary Carnage as we believe the Stump Stabber to be a beneficial insect.

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