Subject: found on wood pile
Location: Middle of North Dakota
July 8, 2012 9:03 pm
Local camper brought this into my office about two weeks ago. It is not something we see around here. Just curious what this is. It is vibrant purple with a yellow head. It was returned to the area it was found. It was not aggressive,very sluggish.
Thanks for any help
Signature: Mal

Stump Stabber: Megarhyssa atrata

I found a photo of one =) Giant Ichneumon – Megarhyssa atrata

Dear Mal,
This iconic parasitic wasp is commonly called a Stump Stabber or Giant Ichneumon,
Megarhyssa atrata.  A female, like the one in your photo, uses her Ovipositor to lay eggs in dead and diseased wood that is being eaten by the larvae of the Pigeon Horntail.  Your Stump Stabber appears to be exhausted. 

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Location: North Dakota

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