Stump Stabber

Subject: Never seen before
Location: Ohio
June 9, 2014 8:43 pm
This is an odd bug I have never seen flying around before. It looked like it was trying to drill into a stump the other day when it was noticed. If you know what this is and if it’s dangerous, an answer would be greatly appreciated.
Signature: Aly

Stump Stabber
Stump Stabber

Dear Aly,
Your inquiry is perfectly timed since we have just posted an image of two males Stump Stabbers which we believe are awaiting the emergence of a female.  This is a Stump Stabber, a female Giant Ichneumon in the genus
Megarhyssa and she is laying eggs.  The eggs will hatch into larvae that feed on the wood boring larvae of Wood Wasps, like the Pigeon Horntail.  Stump Stabbers are beneficial and not considered dangerous.  They are not aggressive and we have never heard of anyone being pierced by the impressive ovipositor, which can be as long as five inches.  It is designed to lay eggs, not to sting.

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  1. In Washington State working for a wood bark and wood products company. I am the safety guy here and we have had 2 injuries due to insect bites. Both times they thought they had been stung by a bee. 2 days later severe swelling and red streaking from the arm down the side of the body. I have been told maybe a stump fucker (regional name I’m sure). Nobody has actually seen the insect doing to biting. Running a grinder , eating up softwoods mostly here. Is there a wood wasp that stings? Thanks.


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