Stump Stabber

Is this some sort of wasp?
Location: Northern Indiana (Goshen)
October 31, 2011 9:43 am
Can you help my family identify this bug/wasp/whatever-it-is? We found it on our sliding glass door last week (mid-October, late afternoonm, in Northern Indiana, weather is about 50 degrees F).
We strive to teach our children (ages 1 through 10) that bugs are fascinating, not scary, but this one looked rather menacing to all of us. So, we’re hoping for your help in identifying so that we can appreciate this glorious critter!
Signature: Many thanks! the Norris family

Stump Stabber

We might have figured it out…
Location: Goshen, Indiana
October 31, 2011 9:52 am
Just sent an email moments ago, and have since looked over your top ten. I think that the critter on our sliding glass door is a Giant Ichenumon? Thanks for your great website! Fascinating and fun!
Signature: The Norris family

Dear Norris Family,
We agree that you have identified one of the Giant Ichneumons in the genus
Megarhyssa, though we are not certain of the species.  We are especially fond of the common name Stump Stabber for these parasitic hymenopterans.

Stump Stabber


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  1. The species is Megarhyssa macrurus. 2 of the species in this genus are easily identifiable from their markings alone; M. greenei is distinguished by the absence of pigmentation along the basal vein.


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