Subject: Is this a wasp of some kind
Location: Frontierland Clearwater, KS
May 13, 2017 9:52 pm
Hey, Bugman, our Boy Scout Troop was at Frontierland camp in Clearwater, KS today and we saw this bug and no one knew what it was. We’re hoping you can tell us. Thank you so much!!
Signature: KarenLuce

Stump Stabber

Dear Karen,
Members of the Giant Ichneumon genus
Megarhyssa are frequently called Stump Stabbers because the female uses her incredibly long ovipositor to lay her eggs in the wood boring larvae of Pigeon Horntails.  Your individual is Megarhyssa macrurus, but we believe the scouts are more likely to remember that they saw a Stump Stabber.

Location: Frontierland Camp, Clearwater, Kansas

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  1. One of these rather amazing looking bugs flew into my house last night here in France. Are they dangerous to woodwork?

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