Striped Raspy Cricket from Australia

Subject:  Giant Cricket or Grasshopper
Geographic location of the bug:  Broken Hill
Date: 10/28/2017
Time: 07:20 PM EDT
I found this guy last night in the laundry room but my mums dead set on saying it’s a giant cricket, i think it’s a giant grasshopper myself, it’s about 7 cm long and the antennae puzzle me with being so long, all the images I’ve seen of grass hoppers they don’t have as long as this one.
poor things missing part of it’s leg.
can anyone identify it?
How you want your letter signed:  Hayden Crowley

Striped Raspy Cricket

Dear Hayden,
We are going to have to agree that mum is more correct than you are.  This appears to be either a Striped Raspy Cricket,
Paragryllacris combusta, or a closely related species.  According to the Brisbane Insect site:  “Striped Raspy Crickets are also known as Tree Crickets. Adults are dark brown to pale brown in colour with fully developed wings. They have very long antenna, all legs are spiny.  They hide in nest on tree during the day. Their nest is usually two board leaves hold together by silky material. They are well known for their ability to find the way home after foraging distance away. ”  It is also pictured on Atlas of Living Australia.

Striped Raspy Cricket
Wow thnks a lot, I was starting to agree with mum, the feet and antennas felt off eventho it had a body simular to that of a grasshopper, the only other crickets Iv’e seen are common ones that look completely diffrent.
Hayden Crowley

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