Striped Morning Sphinx sighted in Los Angeles

tiger moth ?
Location: Los Angeles, CA
March 25, 2011 1:11 pm
This moth was hugging a clump of dwarf umbrella plant, probably waiting for the sun to come out after the overnight rain.
Looking at the pictures afterwards I noticed it was hanging from its front legs with the other legs stretched.
I think it’s a tiger moth. I do remember finding a fairly large reddish-brown chrysalis a month ago but didn’t think to take a photo. I wonder if it overwintered in that.
Signature: Laurentiu

Striped Morning Sphinx

Dear Laurentiu,
What a beautiful Striped Morning Sphinx or White Lined Sphinx.  We see several each year in Mt Washington, but our north facing garden is still too cold to expect them to be flying.  We expect to begin to see Striped Morning Sphinxes at the porch light and resting on the screen door on the first warm and sunny days after the rain ends.

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  1. April 2, 2017 – I googled “big moths in LA” to find out what the beautiful moth in our front yard is. It exactly matches the image of the Striped Morning Sphinx/White Lined Sphinx on this website. We live about a mile east of Lincoln Blvd in Marina del Rey area.


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