Alien Moth
Hi Daniel!
Now I know I must be overloading you with all my bug pictures, but I have one more unidentified bug for you! We spotted this humming bird like moth in the fall just outside of Las Vegas… I haven’t been able to find any info on it yet… Is it a moth? It sure is pretty…
Thank you again for your amazing site… I LOVE checking out all the pictures and everybody’s crazy bug stories… especially that lady with the bugs and snakes in Mexico… so funny!… and what a cute gecko! =)
Best wishes,
Leah Balecha
Hollywood CA

Hi again Leah,
Your moth is a Striped Morning Sphinx or White-Lined Sphinx Moth, Hylas lineata. It is a very common Hawkmoth or Hummingbird Moth with a huge range in the new world. It is probably found in the old world as well, as in introduction. The caterpillars are Sphinx caterpillars with a caudal horn and they eat a wide range of plants, being particularly fond of fuschias. Adults are often seen flying in the day when it is cloudy, but more commonly at dusk and dawn. I used to see large numbers on the walls in the open hallways at USC when I taught there.

Location: California

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  1. Shilah says:

    Lovely! I caught one of these in the store I work at today with a fishnet (He was dive-bombing people and pinging off heads, I think he was being territorial) and took him to release in a nice flowered area where I hope he’ll be happy. When he first got into the store everyone thought he was a bird, until I managed to corner him and get him in a container so we could get a better look and take him outside.

    Those are marvelous pictures!

  2. Hello! I photographed a striped moth with pink, which I believe is a sphinx. I photographed it with and without a ruler alongside it. Would you like the pictures? Or, if not, could I send one, at least, so you can let me know what it is for certain? I would appreciate it, but also thought you might be able to use it much moreso than I. Thanks so much,
    Roxane Shippee

  3. ok great! You’re the best, thanks so much for the feedback Bugman! 🙂
    Yesterday I barely touched it and it pooped or peed out some clear liquid. I felt bad that I might have upset it…. The little guy hasn’t moved in days he’s still there this morning….i put a leaf and a tea rose by him….Lol… now 2 more guys have joined him/her but they are on the wall as they usually are. I hope he’s ok. Nature is in charge here. Thanks again and so glad i found You!

  4. you had a story about someone with a bug hallucination thing. I laughed to hard can you send it to me.

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