Striped Blister Beetle

Subject: what kind of bug is this ?
Location: Telferner Texas
April 23, 2013 8:24 am
I found this bug at work and have never seen one before i would like to know what it is.
Signature: Kimberly wright

Striped Blister Beetle
Striped Blister Beetle

Dear Kimberly,
This is a Striped Blister Beetle, Epicauta vittata.  According to the Featured Creatures website:  “Striped blister beetle is one of the most damaging of the blister beetles to vegetable crops in areas where it occurs. This is due to its feeding preferences, which include several common crops and greater preference for foliage than some other species; its propensity to feed on fruits of solanaceous plants; its relatively large size and voracious appetite; its strong tendency to aggregate into large mating and feeding swarms; and its high degree of dispersiveness, which can result in sudden appearance of large swarms of beetles. It also has been implicated in the transmission of bean pod mottle virus to soybean.”  Like other members of the Blister Beetle family, the Striped Blister Beetle should not be handled as it can release a substance, cantharidin, that is know to cause blistering in human skin.


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  1. I have a beetle with a hard case that has horizontal white stripes the length of a 3/4″ body. The stripes are not continuous across the back but have a small black line connecting the two sides


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