Streaked Sphinx

Subject: Lovely Moth!
Location: Miami, FL
January 26, 2015 3:22 pm
I hope you can help me identify this lovely little moth. I have spent a couple of hours searching until I found your site. I have looked through the pages of Sphinx moths and can not seem to match the markings to the one I found. I have never seen any kind of Sphinx moth inperson being in the city and was so intrigued at how amazing these moths look. I started a backyard garden and have discovered all kinds of interesting bugs. This one quite a beautiful creature indeed!
Signature: Kristi

Streaked Sphinx
Streaked Sphinx

Dear Kristi,
Your moth is a Streaked Sphinx,
Protambulyx strigilis, one of the most streamlined and aerodynamic looking species in a family that is characterized by those physical features.  The Streaked Sphinx is a neotropical species that frequently strays north to Florida, perhaps due to global warming.  You can read more about the Streaked Sphinx on the Sphingidae of the Americas site.

Thanks so much! I was not expecting but hoping for a response. You guys are awesome. Appreciate it! Have a great weekend

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