Streaked Sphinx

Subject: Moth
Location: Vero Beach Fl.
December 10, 2013 7:29 pm
Have seen two of these here in the last couple weeks.Are they rare.New to Florida so I’am seeing new things everyday.
Signature: Al

Streaked Sphinx
Streaked Sphinx

Dear Al,
Several years ago we would have claimed that sightings of the tropical Streaked Sphinx were relatively rare in Florida, but in recent years, perhaps due to global warming, sightings are becoming increasingly more frequent.

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  1. These should become a lot less common now then shouldn’t they?, since watching the news today it seems like global warming ended in America this week. 🙂 Hope you guys aren’t all frozen, sorry couldn’t offer any insight into that mystery larvae for you.

    • Hi Trevor,
      Glad you are still visiting us. Our Los Angeles cold snap is finally warming back to typical winter temperatures, but the eastern part of the country is getting the brunt of some tough winter storms.


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