Strategus antaeus

Help with an ID please?
I’ve looked at all the pictures on your site, as well and scoured the internet for the last 2 hours, but I am unable to find any photos of beetles that look like the one I’ve attached. I am in Palm Harbor, FL and met this rather buly bugger which I instantly named "Whole COW that’s a big Beetle" If you can tell me the name of it, I would be so happy! I’m a huge research freak and it drive me crazy when I can’t find what I’m looking for HA HA
Thank you in advance,

Hi Heather,
After consulting with Eric Eaton, I’ve got a name for you, Strategus antaeus, but not much information. This is one of the larger native scarabs. Eric says: “Yes, this image is definitely Strategus, probably a “minor” male without well-developed horns.”

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