Black-Sided Meadow Katydid

Subject: Straight-lanced Meadow Katydid?
Location: St. Augusta, MN
September 13, 2013 8:30 am
Hello Bug Nuts,
I think these may be Straight-lanced Katydids. I saw them for the first time last year. Even after a half-century of chasing insects, it amazes me how often I still find something new, right here on my home turf here in Central MN.
The male was ’singing’, but even though I was literally inches away, I couldn’t hear him. The ’ladies’ did, however, and I guess that’s the point. There were several females nearby.
Thanks many times over for the incredible work you do.
Signature: Don J. Dinndorf

Male Straight-Lanced Meadow Katydid
Male Black-Sided Meadow Katydid Singing

Dear Don,
We wanted to post your gorgeous photos of both the male and the female of the species, and we will search for some good links to reputable web sites.

Female Straight-Lanced Meadow Katydid
Female Black-Sided Meadow Katydid

Hi again Don,
After doing some research this morning, we are inclined to disagree about this being a Straight-Lanced Meadow Katydid which looks different than your individuals based on photos posted to BugGuide.  We believe your individual is actually a Black-Sided Meadow Katydid,
Conocephalus nigropleurum, and you can compare your photos to those posted on BugGuide.

Excellent!  Another new species for my list of critters seen on our property.
Thanks again for your wonderful work.
Don D

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