Stout's Hardwood Borer

Eating my nightstand
Dear Bugman, I built these nightstands a year ago. Clean clear pine case w/ madrone top(old worm holes in top). I awoke up one morning to fine a dime size mound covering 7mm hole. Two days cat and mouse, and I caught this little guy. Two days later, another mound. Ergates spiculatus? We are very fond of our matching nightstands. Please advise if you will. Thank you,
A C Pitt.

Dear A C Pitt,
Way too small for Ergates. This is Stout’s Hardwood Borer, Polycaon stouti. Adults frequently apper in homes because the larvae bore in a great variety of hardwoods including oak, maple, alder, eucalyptus and laurel. The larvae infest the wood and construction of the product and finishing the wood does not deter them from continuing to feed. Then the adults emerge often from furniture, cupboards and cabinets. I guess the old wormholes should have been an indication that there was an infestation.

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