Stonefly from UK

Subject: Help me identify
Location: 54° 55′ 59.99″ N, 2° 58′ 59.99″ W
May 29, 2016 5:50 am
Hi. When I was walking i found this what i believe to be a type of stonefly but couldn’t identify it. Could you please tell me what it is? The insect was with what i guess was it’s mate foraging for food. They were beside an estuary where they occasionally were flying off then returning. The insects averagely were about 7 cm within length. The Picture Should have sent with this e-mail, The Geographical location is estimated but i hope the location should help Thanks.
Signature: Yours Scincirley


We agree that this is a Stonefly in the order Plecoptera.  We have determined that your global coordinates are in the UK.  This appears to be a flightless species as the wings do not look long enough to allow flying.  Alas, we have been unable to locate any matching Stoneflies online.

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